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Mars Generation One: Argubot Academy is GlassLab's first original game. Made in collaboration with the National Writing Project and NASA, Argubot Academy is a 21st century adventure on Mars. Players build their own argument robots, called argubots, then take them into battle in order to persuade quirky characters that their position is right. It's all about reason -- and robots. Download today from the App Store for just $2.99!


Mars Generation One: Argubot Academy

Develops persuasion and reasoning skills for STEM & 21st century careers.
ELA & STEM connected
Subjects & Standards:
Common Core ELA, 21C Skills, STEM
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"Game-based learning is more than just playing and fun. GlassLab's games help teachers engage their students in conversations about decisions made in authentic problem solving spaces."
Matt Farber, 8th Grade History Teacher

"Engrossing missions feature imaginative STEM-themed issues. Meanwhile, it's exciting to discover that the game rewards users for making strong arguments - not for picking a particular "correct" position. By teaching ELA standards through a STEM-themed storyline, the game is fundamentally interdisciplinary in all the right ways. Showing students how these skills bridge disciplines is a critical lesson, and that point is deftly delivered."
Common Sense Media
"[Argubot Academy] teaches moves in argumentation like moves in Karate. ... [We] love that this also introduces a social practice and structure in a positive frame around 'argumentation' which provides a significant social learning impact."
Elyse Eidman-Aadahl, Executive Director, National Writing Project
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